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Improving Your Personal Appearance

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Improving Your Personal Appearance

Going On A Beach Vacay? How To Speed Up Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

Lena Griffin

Being self-conscious to be in a bikini in front to friends and family is not a game anybody wants to play, but it's how most people feel. If you are fit but you have loose skin around your abdomen because of either pregnancies or losing a lot of weight, then getting into a bikini may not be something that you'd even consider. What if you could go on your next beach vacation and get into a midriff-bearing swimsuit without feeling worried about what others thought of you? With a tummy tuck, you may be able to. 

During a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, your surgeon will work to remove excess skin from the abdomen while simultaneously lifting remaining skin to tighten it. Because you may be eager to go on vacation and show off your new tummy, you may be wondering how you can recover quicker. Here is how. 

Take It Easy

Going to the gym and doing abdominal crunches are two things that can wait while you are recovering from surgery. Remember that although a tummy tuck is an elective surgery, it's still a surgery that requires you to rest and take it easy. Take as much time off of going to the gym and doing any heavy lifting as your doctor recommends. If you need to move something around your house that is heavy, schedule to have someone come over and help you so that you don't tear open your incisions. 

Additionally, try to stay in bed and get as much rest as possible. As your body is healing, rest will really help speed up your overall recovery process. 

Wear Your Compression Garments

Remember that you will be in your sexy swimsuit soon enough, but until you have recovered, it's your job to wear your compression garment. When you are sent home from surgery, your abdomen will likely be wrapped in some sort of compression shirt. This garment is designed to help keep your stitches in place, get rid of swelling, and keep you more comfortable. Although it may not be sexy, wearing it for long periods of time will help you to feel a lot better a lot faster. 

Lying in bed, taking it easy, and wearing your compression garments are three of the most basic things you can do to speed up your recovery. To learn more about tummy tuck surgery or recovery, reach out to a surgeon near you today.